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PSG Online

Your journey to wealth creation

• If you like doing things for yourself, especially where it concerns your equity investments...
• If you want an online stock broker that gives you the edge, requires no minimum, and offers discounts...

...then PSG Online is your ideal broker and can be of service, whoever you are:
Online Investor Or Online Trader Or Online Researcher Or Online Beginner

What is our core business offering? PSG Online focuses on providing online (internet) stock brokerage services to private investors who prefer managing their own investments and want to trade independently of a broker / advisor.

What set's us apart? In line with international best practice, our strength is in combining people and technology. This allows us to ensure a cost effective and high tech - high touch service. With us you might be online, but you're not alone.

Our Support and Broker Operators are skilled to help you trade online anytime during trading hours (9-5 week days) at no extra fee.

Who do we belong to? PSG Online Securities Limited is owned by PSG Konsult Limited

Where are we based? In Johannesburg, South Africa

How do we comply with legislative requirements? Our security and transparency comes with being part of a public company that is committed to economic empowerment and adhering to a strong code of ethics. We comply with FICA and principles of transparency, integrity and accountability as advocated by the Financial Services Board and the King Report on Corporate Governance.

How long have we been in operation? Since 1996.
Contact us on 0860 774 774 or visit to find out more about our service offering and products. Enquiries on Make a Million 4 can be emailed to

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